Pár řádků od Věrky

The Sokol club has had a lot of very successful and well
attended events the last few months.
Petr Janda Concert was a very happy evening enjoyed
by a huge crowd that was singing along to the familiar
old tunes. Thanks to the committee members Boris,
Michael and Ivan that installed the new lights.
Studio 4 played all the old favourite songs and a very
happy merry night was had by all . we look forward to the
next Zabava in September. Every second Saturday
hosts a Bacchata dance night.the dancing is very
energetic and the dancers get very hot.A very efficient
air con system has now been installed and it is very easy
for the dancers to dance and not get too hot. Well done
to the committee for undertaking this expensive but
necessary improvement to the club building.
The lunches will now be cook by Ivo de Paul. The lunch
on Sunday 4 th August was a big success – Bohemian
goulash and dumplings:
The Dvorak Soiree on a Sunday afternoon performed by
Ivana Schneider and musicians and Poetry recited by
Barbara Semenov in honour of Milan Kantor was a very
memorable afternoon. The new Ambassador Tomas
Dub visited on a Wednesday evening and was
welcomed at Sokol by 30 Melbourne residents.we hope
to see more of him at future events at the Club.
Plum Sunday was booked out,a delicious lunch was
enjoyed by all. A big thank you to all that helped to make
it such a success-
Sokol has had some very well attended events in the last
few months. In June we celebrated the 40 th anniversary
of the official Opening of the Czech and Slovak National
House in Melbourne. Over 100 people attended the
lunch and afternoon presentation, photographs and
videos from the history of our club and a talk from one off
the founder members, Mrs Vlasta Šustek. It was
wonderful to see so many members and friends,
including the founder members Mrs Dagmar
Henderson, Mr Jan Košňar, daughters of Mr Hájek and
Mr Kutka, Jarda Molin, Mrs Věra Zlatá, the Vodstrčil
family, Mrs Jiřina Bartoňková and more special guests,
some of our past presidents Věra Zlatý, Zuzana Vasitch
and of course our current president Michal Krejčí. We
would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Alena Špiroch
and her helpers for her huge effort in producing so many
lunches on the day and also that she helped us to
continue our Sokol lunch tradition. Thank you!
Děkujeme! A big thank you to all committee members
and others that helped make it a great day.
Alena,Vlasta ,Boris ,Vera and grand children of Alena.
Keep looking on face book Sokol Melbourne Public for
information about upcoming functions and to
see photos from our events.
June was a sad time for my family and I, as my mother
passed away on the 15 th June. I would like to
On July 6 the Slovak community had their annual
celebration at Sokol. They had the students perform and
sing traditional Slovak favourites. The delicious food
and cakes were produced by members of the
community. The children were having a great time
playing pool upstairs. Membership Fees were due by
June 30. Please if you have not yet forwarded money
please do as soon as possible. Thank you.
Vera Zlaty, Vice-President of Sokol Melb.
take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all your
kind messages and to thank those who attended the
funeral to say their last goodbye to my mother, Mrs Věra
Zlatá. She will be greatly missed, but she will always
stay in our hearts. Both my parents were a great asset to
the Czech and Slovak community and I am proud to be

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